Friday, December 12, 2008

I have made all my kids' stockings for Christmas, so of course, I had to make my new baby's too. Laney's turned out really cute. I was totally surprised that I had enough motivation to do this before the baby is born. I am all ready for her to come before Christmas. Highly unlikely, but I can dream.
My girls are so cute. Megan always seems to have her thumb in her mouth. I browsed through many pics and almost all were thumbsucking ones. HA HA. Kenzie is getting so beautiful. I'm a lucky mom.
Megan was so happy to touch the tree. She kept laughing and giggling and pointing at the tree. It was cute.
I think this picture captured the pure joy of being a child. Kenzie was laughing at Megan when I snapped this. She is so adorable.
The kids wanted to pose in front of their tree. It is rare that I get a smile from Gavin. So I was happy that he was in to posing.

OH Christmas Tree!

We decided to get a real live tree this year. The kids and I went out hunting for one and we found the perfect tree. I love the smell of pine trees. We didn't manage to get very much decorating done, but we did get the lights up and the star. We all had a blast!