Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eleven Grandkids!

Grandma wanted to get a picture of all the grandkids. Yea, so this is what that looks like. Ha-ha. I think it's pretty cute.
Left to right: Megan, Kenzie, Laney, Sara, Gavin, Cleve, David, Donny, Bree, Kyle, and Kurt. Our own little ZOO.
Donny, grandma, and of course, Megs.

My scooter!!!

Mom got down with this awesome scooter. The kids fought over who would get to ride first with grandma.


Here is papa with the kids. Everyone loves the salmon color of the flamingos. Me too.

Monkeying around

So he is the total thinker. The kids made me take a picture of this dude up on the rock, all by his lonesome.

Can you guess what animals these are?

Pictured above left to right: Kenzie, Madison, Gavin, Donny, and Bree


Most of us are in this picture. It's so cool to see all the different personalities in this photo.


We saw the Grey Seal exhibit, but the seals were elsewhere. So we posed near the cool waterfall. My baby is getting so big and cute.

We three girls!

Ok, so I hate having my picture taken, but I just wanted to have something to remember this day. It turned out pretty good.?.

Zoo Trip

We took Madison to the L.A. Zoo with us today. She and Kenzie are so adorable together.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank you to everyone who came to Laney's blessing. We really appreciate all of you!

Delayna Jewell McEwan's Blessing

Daddy blessed her to have a strong body, to be close to the spirit, to get the education that would suit her, and to have a close relationship with her mom, and follow her mother's example. I guess I need to start behaving myself!!! This was a great day. My baby is precious.


Notice I said easier, not happier. My little nephew, David, was not too keen on getting his pic taken. Super cute boy!

Shoulda been twins?

My niece, Bree, and my Megs, today. Laney's blessing day begun with us frantically trying to get girls in dresses and hair done. The boys were a lot easier.

Shoulda been twins

My sister, Tennille, came to visit this month. We don't look exactly alike, but the whole weekend we kept saying the same things in unison and even made the same sighs and facial expressions. Oh how I miss her when she's not here. My sister!


One of Kenzie's best girlfriends came over for a playdate during Gavin's party. The girls had their own little party. So cute!

Smiling Baby Girl

Little Megan kept asking me, "picher, picher?" So this is her best happy girl smile. I love it.

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!

Gavin did not want a birthday cake this year. He asked me to make cupcakes so all the kids could decorate them. It was so much fun!!

Make a wish Gavinator

My boy thinking hard about his wish.

Bob the Builder Ain't Got Nothin' on these Kids!

So, here are most of the kids who came to Gavin's birthday party on Feb. 28th. Jared took all of the ankle biters to Lowes to build a racecar. Everyone had a great time!