Sunday, May 3, 2009

My four babies

I never thought I would have four kids, but I am so blessed with these beautiful children. I love being their mother. It is a joy to watch them grow.

Megs so cute!

This was just too cute, I had to post this pic.

Way to go Gavin!

Gavin was chosen as Ranger of the Month at his school. His teacher, Mrs. Falkner, had some nice things to say about him. She said that he loves to use big words and always has interesting information to share. He helps the other children learn and sets a good example. He is interested in many subjects including numbers, animals, countries, patterns, and big words. What a funny kid. We are so proud of you Gavin.

Bon Voyage, Grandpa

The night before grandpa left for his trip to Utah, we took this picture. He has kids crawling all over him. Lucky grandpa.....lucky kids!!!!

Laney, cute as a button

Laney is already 4 months old. In the past month, this baby has learned how to roll over both ways, and is even trying to scoot around. I think she will be crawling before six months. She does not like to be left out. She always wants to be a part of the conversation with her happy squeals and cooing. She is a precious girl and we love her without measure.

Megs turns "2"

I can't believe this little girl is 2. She has grown so much this past year. She keeps getting cuter by the minute. We love our mei mei!!! Happy Birthday baby girl.

Make a wish!

She actually blew out her own candles this year. It was awesome!

Hooray for cake!

When Megs saw the cake, she just went for it. How cute.
This is what you look like after you've had your cake and eaten it too.

Dancing Queen

Kenzie is enrolled in dance and is loving every minute of it. She will perform her recital this month. We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing her strut her stuff!!!