Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mommy's Baby Is Growing Too Fast!

Laney is 9 months old! In the last few months she has cut teeth, started crawling, standing up and even cruising around the furniture. I will miss her being so cute and little. I wish this stage lasted a little bit longer. Pretty soon she'll be saying "no" and pretending she doesn't hear me when I talk. Then, the tantrums, and the "I hate you mommy" or "you ruined my life". I can't wait for that. Why can't we just skip the 2's? That would be heaven.

What a good little puppy!

I think Gavin was tickled that Laney enjoyed the popscicle so much. Every time he tried to have a lick, she screamed and clapped her hands. I think Laney got most of it. Gavin gets kudos for sharing.

Popscicles and Little Sisters

Gavin absolutely adores this little baby, even enough to share his beloved popscicle.

That's more like it!

Megan is adorable when she wants to be. She said to me last week, "Mommy, you take Mei Mei's picture?" How could I say no?

All Attitude Girl

This little girl is definately a firecracker. One minute she is happy, the next, well, you can see for yourself...

Kenzie and Kettle

After Kettle got all cleaned up, Kenzie and I went outside to play catch with him. He loved being with Kenzie. I think she enjoyed it too.

A New Doggie Do

My friend Jayme groomed Kettle this last week. He looks like a new dog. He is actually cute. Thanks Jayme for making him look like a dog again, instead of a bear!!