Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Laners

"Look mom, I'm so big!" That's right, Laney turned "1" on December 30th. It's also her daddy's birthday. I can't believe this year is over. I'm looking forward to so many fun times with my baby girl. She makes this family so happy. We have been blessed to have Laney with us. Mommy loves you Laners.
Baby girl on her birthday.
"This cake tastes pretty good."
"Now I'm getting into this cake stuff."
"I need a bath mom!"
"I'm so done with this mom. Pick me up!"
The girls posing for me one Sunday. They are so gorgeous!!!! Where's Gavin? He doesn't like to have his picture taken that often....obviously!

Pretty in Pink

Baby girl Laney in her dress that my friend Patricia made for her. It was too cute.


Gavin apparently has some aquatic traits. He had an extra tooth behind his two front teeth. The dentist affectionately referred to it as his "sharktooth", and the name stuck!! Unfortunately this extra tooth was pulled in late December 2009. We will miss you sharktooth. By the way, Gavin was a champ. They didn't have to sedate was me that needed the happy gas!!