Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bratty but cute

Here is my little smurf. We taught her to say, "I'm naughty!"

What kinda mom am I?

This is what happened in the 45 seconds I had my back turned.

Crazy Megs!

This morning Megan was being a pill. She is now the "Mermaid girl" with both legs in one leg hole.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My baby girls

So I always wanted to dress my kids alike. Now I have two that are close enough in age to do so. Adorable!

Cute as a bug!

Laney is getting so big. Not even 3 months old yet, but that double chin is pretty impressive. You go girl!
Megs loves to get her picture taken. I am having so much fun with her. Well, when she's not throwing a tantrum.

Big, Small

You forget how little baby feet are until you have them next to a 2 year old's feet.

Parties are the Devil

Gavin had so much fun at his friend's party. We sent our little boy, but what was returned to us was something a little different. Scary!

Fingerpainting Fun

Caleb and Gavin hamming it up for the camera. They had a great time in the backyard, fingerpainting together. It looks bright and sunny, but it was freezing on this day.

Good Boy, Gavin!

My boy, the Super Ranger of the month. Snaps for Gavin.

My Over-Achievers!

Kenzie got 3 awards this day. One for good citizenship, one for bringing up her already-good grades, and one for being on the honor roll. Way to go girl!

My man-hating girl

This picture is funny. Kenzie wrote, "no boy allowed", that's because she only has one brother. And I can't believe she is old enough to know that she shouldn't like boys. Time flies!