Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting Ready For The Recital Of The Year

Kenzie and mommy took great care in preparing her for her recital. Of course hair and makeup were key components in the process. This is the cutest girl I've ever seen. Work it girl!!!

Strike A Pose

Her first pose of the night. Kenzie was showing me her ending pose.

Star Wars

In a galaxy far away, lived a princess who loved to dance. Her name was Kenzie. She piroetted through the star system with grace and poise........

La Bamba

Kenzie learned some traditional Mexican dancing. Plus purple is definately her color.

Just Dance

Kenzie in all her 80's glory. She is the cutest thing ever. I think I had this very outfit at one time. She's bringing 80's back.

Material Girls

Madison, Kenzie, Audrey, Christina, and Kirra danced to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. It was a full-on rumble. It really brought back memories of watching MTV. I saw that video when I was 7 and I've been moonwalking ever since.

Cute pirates

Kenzie is in the back row, second from the right. This was a cute dance where the girls had fun drinking rum and swabbing decks. Just kidding. It was cute, though.

"Land of Confusion"

This piece was inspired by the song Land of Confusion by Phil Collins. Kenzie is second from the left. She danced her little heart out that night. I mean she left it all out on that dance floor. Way to go Kenzie!!!!